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Your Horoscope for the Week of June 3

Send MSN Feedback. How can we improve? Please give an overall site rating:. Surrender, Taurus—and listen to the universe instead of forcing an agenda. The full moon will form an exact square degree angle of tension to Pluto, indicating that some hidden information could come to light.

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Or you could be struck by a lightning bolt of truth, perhaps from something you read or learn or discuss in a frank conversation. This could change the course of events for you, Taurus, providing a clue that brings you closure. Relationships take center stage starting October 23, when the Sun starts its monthlong visit to Scorpio and your seventh house of partnerships.

At the October 27 Scorpio new moon, you could pair up with someone for business or pleasure, making your status official—or heading in that direction in the coming weeks. But no dynamic duo will take flight at the expense of your individuality, Bull! This new moon will stand opposite liberated Uranus in Taurus and your first house identity and solo ventures.

Any relationship will have to give you plenty of breathing room and the space to express your selfhood.

On October 27 the same day as the new moon , intense Mars in your analytical and anxious sixth house will form a challenging square to cautious Saturn in Capricorn and your big-picture zone. You could get way too much advice or feedback, leaving you frozen in your tracks. You may need to gather more data before moving ahead with a big project.

Halloween arrives with treats a lively moon-Jupiter mashup in Sagittarius and your erotic and mysterious eighth house—hello, sexy costume party! The planet of communication, travel and technology will reverse-commute through Scorpio and your partnership zone, a tricky time for signing contracts or formalizing any alliances.

Protect your most important data to the cloud and an external hard drive, and consider scanning any important legal docs if you only have a hard copy of them. You never know when that backup will come in handy. With Mercury askew here, some Bulls might have second thoughts about a budding connection or find yourself at odds with a romantic partner. Proceed with caution rather than rushing in for a reprise. The month starts off with both love planets, Venus and Mars, nestled in Libra—and lighting up your sixth house of beauty and healthy living AND loving.

Your ruler, affectionate Venus, is there until October 8, and then passionate Mars picks up where she left off, from October 3 to November Couples may be inspired to get in shape together, and as UN-sexy as it sounds, could bond while handling nitty-gritty details, like balancing the Q3 budget or embarking on a household project together. With Mars in this position, watch for a tendency to be overly critical of others or yourself.

Starting on October 8, Venus will traipse through Scorpio and your relationship house, bringing her harmonizing and balancing vibes to bear on all kinds of partnerships. With your mate, you may find yourself longer on patience and much more appreciative of their wonderful qualities.

Focus on THAT and not the dozen minor annoyances. Be clear about what you want because you CAN manifest it now! Key Dates: October Venus-Uranus opposition Things could shift without much warning under this unpredictable showdown. But before you lose all sense of control, look at your role in a key relationship: Are you shape-shifting to fit into what they want?

Get down to business! The Sun is in Libra and your sixth house of administrative details until October Studies show that environment directly impacts productivity. If your office could benefit from the Marie Kondo treatment, get to it! Since the sixth house also rules the people who work for you, consider hiring an assistant—virtual or TaskRabbit—to help you get ever-lingering projects off the ground.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope: October | boyconiszogi.tk

Communication planet Mercury wings into Scorpio and your partnership house for an extended trip on October 3, helping you articulate your needs and ask for proper support! Put that Taurus pride aside and join forces for the win. This will get even easier once the Sun enters Scorpio for a month on October Mars and Mercury will oppose Saturn from June , and it's time to make a mature, responsible decision about your wellness.

You'll do what you have to do. Leo's keywords for June: love, friendship, social, dating, internet dating, baby, fertility, creative fulfillment, health scare. New career heights are possible this month, Virgo! Seize the moment after June 3 when a New Moon offers you a fresh start professionally. Having options is always nice, and it appears that you'll have two equally fabulous ones. How will you decide?! Making the pot even sweeter is Venus; on June 8 she'll move to the top of your chart, making you feel adored by a VIP. This person is willing to put their money behind their compliments, which is even more meaningful.

Taurus Monthly Astrology Horoscope June 2019

In the end, though, it's possible that you'll go with a career option that requires you to let go of a business partner or major client in order to move in a new direction. Your love life might feel cold this June compared to the oozy goodness of your career. Between June 14 and 16 Mercury and Mars will oppose stern Saturn, now in your true love sector. You might feel blocked or rejected by a lover who just won't make you a priority in their life. Virgo's keywords for June: career choice, career growth, professional joy, partnership disappointment, romantic blocks, romantic rejection, domestic fulfillment, family changes.

You'll have plenty of energy to push ahead in your professional goals this month, Libra. Mars continues to move through the very top of your chart, making it a spectacular time to launch a new business or go after the promotion you've been eyeing. Although you'll have plenty of ambition, however, it does look like you'll need to deal with some resistance on the home front. Maybe the people you live with aren't happy about the fact that you're prioritizing your career over domestic obligations.

Sun enters Scorpio

Expect a standoff between June 14 and 16 when Mars and Mercury each oppose Saturn, now in your home sector. The feeling of not being supported by those closest to you might really frustrate you during this time. Keep moving forward! When it comes to romance, if you're in a relationship, after June 8 you and your love might focus on taking a spiritual or educational quest together. This can be anything from attending a retreat or workshop to traveling abroad in order to expand your horizons.

You might focus on nurturing your mind more than meeting new people. You'll be surprised at just how attractive you become. Libra's keywords for June: ambition, motivation, entrepreneur, promotion, business, family stress, spiritual love. Money seems to arrive exactly when you need it -- and from multiple places. Venus enters the same area of your chart on June 8, and from this point until July 3 you will do well with investments.

You might hear news about a generous bonus check as well. This will also be a perfect time to begin a venture that will allow you to earn passive income. Still, be extra careful about doing your due diligence on June 9 and 24 -- these are times when your judgment might be slightly clouded. Other than that, it's smooth sailing, and by the Full Moon on June 17 you might feel as if you're exactly where you want to be financially.

When it comes to romance, you'll be better off pursuing spiritual or intellectual activities with your sweetheart over financial ones. Although your partner might have an increase in their income, with Venus square Neptune on June 24, keep your money separate to avoid any confusion or disappointment about co-mingling funds. Scorpio's keywords for June: money, investments, royalties, commission, taxes, insurance, inheritance, financial fulfillment. Love and relationship themes are weighing in strong this month, Sag!

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On June 3 a New Moon lands in your partnership sector, followed by Venus entering the same area of your chart on June 8. An infusion of harmony is entering your love life. If you're dating someone, expect the romance to become grounded in commitment and growth. If you're already in an exclusive partnership, you and your mate will enjoy a deepening of your bond. All of this culminates into emotional gratification at the Full Moon in your sign on June You're not only feeling all the feels, you're also dreaming a dream of wistful contentment that is likely to center on your home life.

Jupiter, now in your sign, squares off with Neptune, in your domestic sector, on June Your high hopes for domestic bliss might be fulfilled, even if things aren't going exactly according to your plan. No matter what, you'll see the silver lining. Sagittarius' keywords for June: relationship, commitment, engagement, marriage, emotional, sensitive, dreamy, domestic bliss. With Mars in your partnership sector, it might truly feel like love is a battlefield.

Fortunately, both you and your partner will be motivated to talk things out.