January 26 tarot card

Where we have a female figure that represents the intellectual power is in full fight with passions and impulsive energy. There are many issues in the natives of this sign that require a process of harmonization.

Aries (March 21- April 19)

Since overflowing desire for attention is an issue that needs to be balanced. On the other hand, we have the sun, source of heat and life, the center of our solar system, linked to paternal energy. It is directly linked to success and evolution, important issues in the sign of Leo. But remember that excess heat produces dryness and therefore, it is a message for Leo, in order to keep in balance your desire for attention and control.

In the case of Virgo, it corresponds to the energy of these two particular cards. On the one hand, we have the Pope woman. It is related to the higher knowledge, the energy of the mother, purity. Something interesting that highlights Jodorowsky is that despite being cloistered in the matter belongs to the spiritual world. This issue is something that cost a lot to assimilate to Virgo, as it is a sign of the earth element. The fact of being locked in talks us about solitude and isolation that, nevertheless, there is always the desire to receive love and passion.

However, a part of you needs to let go and that is something that every Virgo person needs to work on. Put aside the control and let yourself flow knowing that you have the knowledge to do so. It is also linked to the energy of the Cart. This card corresponds to the number VII.

It symbolizes movement, direction and, hence, knowing where to go. He possesses a triumphant energy, much seen by the constancy and perseverance of Virgo. It makes us wonder how we run our lives. It is no coincidence that the sign Libra is linked to the card of Justice. Both work balance and harmony. They teach us that perfection does not exist and that this concept does not have to be linked to a balanced situation. Both humanity and nature have processes, constant changes that indicate that perfection is impossible and non-existent.

This is something that can also apply to the sign Virgo, which has problems to assume this. It also communicates the concept of exigency.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Scorpio possesses this same transformative message, where the goal is to bring out all that we have concealed within us and does not allow us to advance. Generating a cut in our present and giving rise to new beginnings. We must also consider that change is inevitable and necessary. Everyone should know that luck is Sagittarius. The tarot card speaks of a circle that has no beginning or end and continues to spin.

Is it bad to watch tarot everyday

Regardless of the situation in life that we find, whether it is a quiet or difficult transit, we have to live with the certainty that everything happens for a reason and that always leads to something better. It has to do with not staying in the blocks and staying in a state of constant renewal.

The attitude of Sagittarius, optimistic, adventurous and impatient connects with the energy of the wheel of fortune where everything is in constant mutation. While for many Capricorn is linked with The Devil, I feel that the card that best reflects his energy is that of the hermit.

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The devil tells us to bring our creativity to life and invites us to see ourselves with our faults and virtues. The Hermitage, on the other hand, speaks of independence and enjoyment in so characteristic of Capricorn.

Care & Healing Tarot

This card according to Jodorowsky is both the highest wisdom and also a deep crisis for lack of direction. This is what every Capricorn needs, goals, direction and above all, recognition by his peers. There is a secret and solitary place that possesses all native of this sign, where it costs much to enter since this does not usually show its emotions with facility. Even so, I relate it to this card because it has a lot of knowledge and wisdom when it comes to helping others and objectively recognizing situations in everyday life.

#26 – January 2018 Tarot Reading With Biddy Tarot

Its symbology is linked to nutrition, inspiration, respect and find our place in the world. According to Jodorowsky represents a stage in which one finds its place in the world to beautify and nourish it. It also symbolizes generous action. These characteristics are clearly seen in the personality of the natives of this sign. They are people who do not seek to manifest and have money from the material, but are humanitarian by nature and invest their profits in their community.

They are also people struggling for change and restructuring the status quo. They are those who break with schemes to establish a new high order.

While for some the Pisces card is The Moon, in this case, it is considered to be the Universe. Remember that all the signs of the zodiac represent a life story.

Each sign represents a different stage, which begins in Aries and ends in Pisces. This process is also contemplated in tarot cards. Read Your Daily Horoscope Today. Aries Mar 21 - Apr Taurus Apr 21 - May Gemini May 21 - Jun Cancer Jun 21 - Jul Leo Jul 23 - Aug Virgo Aug 23 - Sep Libra Sep 22 - Oct Scorpio Oct 21 - Nov Sagittarius Nov 21 - Dec Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan Aquarius Jan 22 - Feb